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What Makes An Arrow Fly?

An article from the Book of Knowledge © 1952

Something to think about; we found this years ago:

The motion of the arrow through the air is a kind of power. It was not in the arrow when it lay in the quiver, nor even when it was put in the bow; but when the cord was released and pushed the arrow forward the arrow got its power of motion.

The power, then, came from the stretching of the bow; for if the bow were not stretched it would not drive the arrow; and so, if we trace the power backward, we find it came from the strong muscles of the archer who bent the bow. When the cord and the bow are bent out of their natural shape by being stretched, then carry in themselves, ready to act, the power they have got from the muscles of the archer.

The force that will send the arrow flying to its mark is in the muscles of the archer's arms.

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