Where does the concept of birthstones come from?

Where does the concept of birthstones come from?

The origins of birthstones are lost in antiquity; some relate them to the twelve stones mentioned in the Old Testament, on the High Priest's ceremonial breastplate, but different cultures have their own lists. I use the modern, traditional list. Some months have several different stones that are customary.

The stones used in Solomon's Bow are synthetic birthstones. I generally don't offer natural stones, for several reasons:

Natural stones vary widely in cost; amethyst is very cheap, but if you are born in April, we're talking diamond, and a 3mm stone is close to a quarter carat.

Natural stones vary widely in durability. The natural stone for October is an Opal or Tourmaline; for June, Alexandrite or Pearl.

Month Traditional Birthstone Modern Birthstone
January Garnet Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst
March Bloodstone, Jasper Aquamarine
April Diamond, Sapphire Diamond
May Emerald, Agate Emerald
June Alexandrite, Emerald Moonstone, Pearl
July Ruby, Onyx Ruby
August Sardonyx, Carnelian Peridot
September Sapphire, Peridot Sapphire
October Tourmaline, Aquamarine Opal, Tourmaline
November Citrine, Topaz Topaz, Citrine
December Zircon, Ruby Turquoise, Blue Topaz

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